IBM’s Watson cranks up to revolutionise native ads

agencies most at risk from robots 2The rise of the robots in advertising has been well documented, although many see only problems ahead, but IBM’s artificial intelligence-fuelled supercomputer Watson is now being used in an attempt to silence the critics by improving targeting in content marketing.
The AI system is already being employed for everything from developing health products to children’s toys yet now, according the IBM at least, it is “going to revolutionise the way native advertising is delivered, at scale”.
So far, AI has been used in conjunction with keywords, but now Watson will actually view the ad, determine what it is about and then place it where it believes it is likely to be most effective.
According to IBM, Watson “looks at where, why and how the existing editorial content on each site is ‘talking about’ subjects”, and then places the native ads in proper context.
The AdYouLike ad server is the first to use the scheme. Its chief executive Julien Verdier said: “We are extremely pleased to be launching the world’s first semantic targeting AI for native advertising.
“It’s a game changer for the native ad industry. We are now able, in realtime, to associate any kind of advertising content to the best matching editorial context, whatever the level of semantic targeting expected by advertisers and publishers. We truly think that deep semantic contextual targeting is the only way to make the most of the native opportunity.”

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