ICO chiefs blasted for ‘fat cat’ rises

ICO chiefs blasted for 'fat cat' risesSenior figures at the Information Commissioner’s Office have been slammed by the public sector union amid claims they have trousered “fat cat” pay rises of up to 18% while ordinary staff have been offered a deal within the 1% Treasury pay cap.
The row has led to a three-day walk out this week of members of the Public & Commercial Services Union working at the ICO office in Wilmslow, Cheshire.
Paddy Dillon, PCS branch secretary, told the Socialist magazine: “We’re on strike to demand fair pay at all grades at the ICO because we’ve seen our three most senior executives get average pay rises of 11%, between 8 and 18% that is, while they’ve offered ordinary staff a deal that’s within the 1% Treasury pay cap.
“It’s clearly unfair that senior executives are giving themselves these huge rises while everyone else is being told they don’t deserve a pay rise in line with other organisations that are comparable to the ICO. There’s a lot of anger on this, support’s really strong, we’ve seen our membership rise in the last few weeks to support the strike action.
“We’ve just got to get management to accept that they’ve got to negotiate properly with us, not just try to impose a deal that’s so inadequate.”
The move follows warnings from Information Commissioner Christopher Graham that his office could face a funding shortfall of £43m due to the EU data protection reforms. The EU Data Protection Regulation will end the notification system that generates a major chunk of the ICO’s income.

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