Internal squabbles scupper marketing tech investments

datatoo414The stampede to implement the latest marketing technology is leaving marketers in its wake, with the vast majority struggling to get the most of their investments to create good customer experiences.
So says a new report from Acquia which points the finger of blame firmly at the age-old acrimony between the marketing department and the IT department.
The study shows that despite 84% of marketers saying martech will play a crucial part in their strategy in the upcoming 12 months, two-thirds (66%) fear that the love-less relationship with their IT department will scupper their strategies.
Matters become even worse when brands attempt to use multiple technologies simultaneously, as is often the case; some 84% of marketers want their various marketing technologies to work together but are unable to make that happen either.
Acquia vice-president of marketing EMEA Sylvia Jensen said: “With more sophisticated technology available than ever before, 2019 should be a golden age for marketers. However, before marketers can leverage the promise of technologies such as artificial intelligence, data analytics or augmented reality they first need to be able to integrate them within their workflows and make sense of the data.
“From an organisational perspective this means being able to work well with their IT departments to incorporate the latest innovations. Perhaps the fact that marketers have so many difficulties adopting tech helps to explain why 94% of them are keen to adopt an open-source approach to their customer experience platforms.
“Open-source solutions can give marketers the flexibility in implementation and integration they need to successfully embrace the latest technologies.”

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