JD bigs up insights scheme for opening doors in China

beijingChinese ecommerce giant JD.com is hailing the success of its data-driven insights service for helping brands tailor their products and marketing to the Chinese market after helping both Procter & Gamble and Kimberley-Clark launch new lines.
JD’s Consumer-to-Manufacturer (C2M) model uses the company’s big data and customer analysis capabilities to optimise a brands specifically to meet unique demands of the Chinese market.
K-C’s Huggies brand and P&G’s Head & Shoulders shampoo are the latest to benefit from JD’s C2M initiative, resulting in significant sales increases.
As China’s largest retailer with more than 300 million customers, JD has access to a vast database of customer feedback. JD’s data analytics tools, which it is claimed can perform sophisticated key word searches and trend analyses, helped Huggies understand how to maximise performance and comfort of its nappies in the Chinese market and boost customer satisfaction.
After tapping into JD’s extensive consumer insights to better understand the reasons for the rising popularity of domestic Chinese nappy brands, which mostly use composite material rather than wood pulp, Huggies released a new composite material version of its brand in China. This material does not become rough when soiled, making it more comfortable for longer term wear.
Since the new product’s launch sales of the new collection accounted for more than 62% of Huggies’ sales on JD. Further, analysing the frequency of customer shopping trips and babies’ average daily nappy needs led JD and Huggies to introduce a new 104-nappy package on JD.
Meanwhile, by analysing data and customer feedback, JD also helped Head & Shoulders see how Chinese consumers are increasingly concerned about the environmental friendliness and chemical composition of the products they use.
After observing and analysing the rising popularity of natural haircare products across its platform, JD supported Head & Shoulders launch an exclusive collection of natural shampoo free of silicone.
Janet Cai, e-commerce director for Head & Shoulders at P&G, said: “JD is unrivaled in its understanding of how China’s consumers shop online, and the insights they provided were invaluable to us in designing this new line of shampoo.”
Carol Fung, president of JD FMCG, added: “Our deep understanding of customers is based on extensive consumer insights and user feedback, allowing JD to provide valuable advice to our partners in the design of both their products and marketing campaigns.”

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