KPMG backs data scientist course

kpmg backs data scientist courseKPMG is boosting its commitment to the data and analytics industry by sponsoring the first Data Science Summer School in the UK, which aims to recruit 100 of Europe’s brightest PhD students and turn them into data scientists during a 5-week intensive course.
The project, dubbed S2DS (science to data science), is the brainchild of Kim Nilsson, a Swedish astrophysicist , who set up the Pivigo Academy to bridge the data skills gap, having witessed first-hand the difficulties many highly qualified academics encounter once they set out to find a job in the commercial sector.
Data science has often been called the ‘sexiest profession’ of the future and the aim of S2DS is to build a pipeline of talent in the data and analytics space in order to plug the huge talent gap which currently exists.
KPMG has bolstered its data and analytics offering in recent months, setting up KPMG Capital, a global investment fund that will invest primarily in data businesses as well as signing a deal with mobile app firm Chelsea Apps Factory.
Kim Nilsson, founder and head of Pivigo Academy, said: “We are passionate about supporting the efforts of UK companies exploring data business cases. We are also huge fans of the sort of skills that PhDs bring to jobs in industry, and S2DS is our answer to the needs of both of these groups. It is a win-win situation where companies have a chance to interact with the brightest minds in Europe, and PhDs get commercial experience.
“We believe that data science is an incredibly exciting career for anyone going into it. Those launching their careers now will help shape the industry, and our students will be spearheading the data revolution in Europe for decades to come. KPMG is a dream partner for us to have.”
Courses will begin in August. For more details visit the website

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