Laundry app aims to clean up with knackered parents

laudrappOn-demand laundry app Laundrapp is targeting exhausted parents, who have had to juggle working from home while simultaneously home-schooling children and managing household chores during lockdown, with the launch of a new marketing campaign.

The app, which is owned by group collective Inc & Co, is launching a targeted campaign on Mumsnet, devised by Manchester based digital shop Neon, that also debuts the agency’s brand refresh for Laundrapp.

While many cleaning services have been forced to close during the lockdown, Laundrapp wants to raise awareness that it is open and easy to use, without leaving the home. Parents can access the service via their phone or other device with the laundry collected using a safe, contactless pick up from their doorstep.

As part of the activity, Laundrapp is inviting 30 Mumsnet members to test the brand for free, to experience for themselves how useful it is.

This will take place as part of Mumsnet’s product testing programme, with recruitment starting this week and the free trials will start on Monday June 29. In addition, three Mumsnet approved “influencers” will be brought on board to try the service and share their experiences.

Neon head of agency Chloe Waddington said: “Our ambition was to create something intended to stand out from the pale blue smorgasbord of other advertisers within the laundry and domestic lifestyle sectors, so we adopted bold colours and a punchy, cheeky tone of voice.”

Inc & Co Group CEO Jack Mason added: “Parents are currently under immense pressure and have been for a while now due to the difficulties of living in lockdown. Our mission has always been to make people’s lives easier by managing their laundry – a chore most people dislike, and which sometimes seems never ending – and we feel our services are more relevant now than ever before.

“Mumsnet users are not a shy retiring bunch, so we hope they enjoy the creative one-liners and the chance for us to take their laundry off their hands.”

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