Leaving do alert – 63% want out

Leaving do alert - 63 want outPeople working in media and marketing would do well to get the whip-round envelopes ready and prepare for a spate of leaving dos after a new study revealed nearly two-thirds of them are considering moving jobs this year.
According to the Investors in People annual Jobs Exodus survey, 59% of people in the industry are not happy in their current roles, leading to 63% planning on getting a new job – an 8% increase since the start of 2014.
And Investors in People is warning British businesses they need to cosy up to their staff or face a potential exodus of talented employees.
Not feeling valued as a member of staff is the most important factor in determining perception of current employment (64%), over poor management (43%) and pay (36%). In fact pay (45%) and job satisfaction (43%) are the most common reasons for wanting to change roles in the media and marketing industry.
Paul Devoy, head of Investors in People, said: “This latest report highlights an increasingly fluid employment market. As the UK economy warms up, staff are thinking about where their career is headed and are aware of the opportunities out there. The research should be a stark wake up call to many businesses. These companies must work hard to retain the staff they have and also put the effort into attracting top quality talent from elsewhere.
“This exodus is driven by workers who value the wide range of professional and personal benefits that a good employer can bring: career progression, job satisfaction and development of expertise. Employers must carefully consider what they offer their staff; an active jobs market can be a blessing to those who raise the standard of how they treat, train and develop their people.”
Earlier this week, another study revealed half of all people who work in media and marketing are closer to burn-out than they were just five years ago. The study, carried out by Regus, exposed the top triggers of workplace stress in the sector are lack of exercise, feeling understaffed, job insecurity and deadline demands.

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