Location data ‘needs tougher laws’

Location data 'needs tougher laws'Location-based marketing may be the best thing since sliced bread for many marketers, but while consumers are willing to share their data, most fear they will be bombarded by ads and reckon there should be tougher laws governing the discipline.
That is according to the results of an independent consumer survey conducted on behalf of Brainstorm and the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA).
While 74% are happy to share their location based data with third parties, 72% believe companies are not taking adequate steps to ensure the responsible use of such data and that further regulation is needed.
For those willing to allow location data to be collected, certain other reassurances are also important; 32% want their details to remain anonymous, whilst 27% want transparency into the proposed usage of the data and 25% insist on actively opting in.
There were also mixed feelings regarding who they most trust with their location information: while most (43%) discern no difference, app providers were least likely to be trusted with the information, while government bodies and mobile/broadband operators were more trusted.
When probed about what concerns people had about sharing their location data; both security (34%) and privacy (34%) were equal causes for concern followed by a worry that information could be shared with third parties without their explicit permission (21%).
A separate study commissioned by Airspace showed that location and proximity-based marketing has grown from a Minority Report prophecy to a marketing reality, with 99% of brands are now investing in the technology.
Brainstorm chief executive Donald Stuart, said he was not surprised by the contradicotry nature of the findings.
However, he added: “There’s little doubt that in our data-centric world the use of location based data, in conjunction with other intelligence, can improve our lives in innumerable ways beyond traditional marketing promotions, including areas such as: logistics, transportation, disaster warning and healthcare.
“Businesses and governments should be encouraged by the fact that the public largely embraces the use of this data and [but] they must continue to find ways to prove its value to their customers and citizens, and reassure them of their appropriate stewardship of their data.”

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