Rush move confirms TBCH demise

Rush move confirms TBCH demisePublicis Chemistry has appointed TBCH chief executive Emma Rush, finally bringing the curtain down on the agency – formerly known as Targetbase Claydon Heeley – nearly a year after it moved into Rapp’s Hammersmith offices.
Rush joined TBCH in November 2013, only for the agency to lose its biggest account – mobile phone firm Three – five months later. It then moved in with Rapp, although Omnicom bosses insisted a merger was not imminent.
However, it transpires that Rush has spent the past year bedding in TBCH – and its remaining clients – and the job is now complete. The agency’s website has been axed and all other senior staff have joined Rapp.
Rush said: “As client services director I will be responsible for delivering great work that makes a real difference to our clients’ business; this is a she transformational moment for the agency.”
The confirmation of the demise of TBCH – which went out with a wimper rather than a bang – is likely to have former Claydon Heeley staff crying into their beer. Back in the mid-2000s, the agency modelled itself as the punk band of the DM world, causing mayhem and mischief wherever they went.
Led by chairman Leo Campbell, the Malcolm Mclaren-style figure, agency bosses would tell anyone who would listen that Claydon Heeley was poised to take over the world. Agency parties are the stuff of legend.
Ironically, Publicis Chemistry chief executive Mike Welsh – Rush’s new boss – is also a former Claydon Heeley chief, although whether he was the Johnny Rotten or Sid Vicious of the outfit is open to debate.

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  1. Black day for Claydon Heeley-ites as @PublicisChemistry appointment confirms demise of last punk band in town #CRM

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