‘Lying’ marketing firm bashed by ICO

'Lying' marketing firm bashed by ICOGlasgow-based DC Marketing – run by a man who claims to have “impeccable work ethics” – has been hit by an enforcement notice after it being found guilty of embarking on a sustained campaign of nuisance calls promoting green energy.
The company, which is part of the Global Twenty Three group of renewable energy companies run by Scott Ewart, has been warned by the Information Commissioner’s Office that if it breaches the notice it will face criminal proceedings.
On LinkedIn, Ewart, claims to be “highly resourceful while maintaining impeccable work ethics” but an ICO investigation found staff at company he runs frequently gave a false name to avoid detection, while trying get people to purchase solar panels partly financed by the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund.
The ICO became aware that DC Marketing was still contacting individuals who had asked not to be contacted after 280 reports were made to the Telephone Preference Service and the ICO from angry members of the public.
ICO assistant commissioner for Scotland Ken Macdonald said: “The law is clear. Companies must not contact individuals who have asked not to be called. DC Marketing failed to respect people’s wishes and even lied in order to try to avoid detection.
“They have now been punished for their actions and served with an enforcement notice ordering them to stop making nuisance calls. If the company breaches the notice then it will be treated as a criminal offence.”
Earlier this month, the ICO launched a public appeal for help to combat a spike in nuisance calls from a single company selling boilers, insulation and solar panels.
The ICO said the automated calls appeared to be coming from 0161 or 0191 numbers, but initial investigations suggested the caller was using a false number.
Text messages promoting green energy initiatives and so-called ‘scrappage schemes’ were responsible for 42% of concerns raised with the ICO between January and March. That coincided with a significant reduction in the number of concerns about messages relating to Payment Protection Insurance (PPI).

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