Marketing graduates among the highest paid in the UK

studentThe marketing industry might have lost some of the allure of its glory years among post-graduates, with every twentysomething seemingly chasing a career in tech these days, but marketing still offers one of the highest average salaries for graduate roles.
So says a new study by recruitment firm CV-Library, which analysed thousands of live job vacancies on the site, and found that there is an average annual salary of £22,145.26 awaiting those who are eyeing up a graduate role in marketing; higher than in many other industries.
While it is perhaps less surprising to find tech roles at the top of the pile – offering an average of £25,518.56 – marketing is still in the top five, behind engineering (£24,785.71), property (£24,382.35), consultancy (£24,250.00) and sales (£23,117.19).
Post-graduates looking to move into finance (£21,916.670), customer service (£21,583.33), recruitment (£20,341.46) and education (£18,907.69) can expect lower salaries.
CV-Library founder and chief executive Lee Biggins insists that as marketing is a unique industry that requires a lot of practical and soft skills, it is no surprise that it commands one of the highest salaries, especially for new graduates.
Biggins added: “In truth, these positions, like marketing executives, are hotly contested, with a bunch of university leavers flocking to them, so it’s essential that you do your best to stand out.”
Of the graduate jobs listed on CV-Library, the marketing industry commands is also in the top five number of listings. Sales (with a 24.2% share of graduate jobs) is top, followed by recruitment (15.5%), IT (12.5%), engineering (7.9%) and then marketing (7.1%).
Biggins concluded: “While the marketing industry has a smaller proportion of graduate jobs, don’t let this put you off. There are plenty of opportunities to make the most of, as long as candidates spend time on their applications and perfecting their interview techniques.”

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