Too old or too young; age discrimination rife in industry

old youngAs the drive for diversity in the workplace gathers pace, it appears that both the bright young things of the marketing world and their more experienced – and older peers – are also being ignored with over three-quarters (76.5%) of marketers claiming that age discrimination is rife within the sector.
The study, carried out by recruitment site CV-Library, quizzed 1,400 UK workers on the topic of discrimination in the workplace, particularly when it comes to age. It found that four in 10 (41.2%) of professionals in the sector have been rejected for a job because of their age.
Meanwhile, nearly half (47.1%) feel  they are not taken seriously at work , because of their age, with a further 75% stating that they have been discriminated against at work because  they were considered ‘too young’ and 25%  discriminated against for being ‘too old’
CV-Library founder and managing director  Lee Biggins said:  “Diversity is a hot topic at the moment, and it is something that should be celebrated in the workplace. Sadly, there is clearly still a great amount of discrimination amongst those considered to be ‘too old’ or ‘too young’ to work in certain positions. As a nation, we need to address this issue head on, and consider ways in which we can remove these stigmas.”
Of those who said they were considered to be ‘too young’ for a job, 33.3% were told that they did not have enough experience and that they would not be taken seriously (33.3%). Conversely, for those considered to be ‘too old’, 50% heard that there were concerns that they would not be agile enough for the job.
Biggins continued:  “It’s clear that discrimination around age is not only rife in workplaces, but also during the hiring process. Yet while employers may think their pickiness will secure them the very best workers, they’re actually limiting themselves even further. Younger, and older, workers are a key part of driving our economy forward and companies should embrace a diverse range of employees in their business.”

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