Marketing Metrix launches omni-channel attribution

facebook 3Marketing Metrix is aiming to ease the growing pressure from organisations to measure the impact of multi-touchpoint advertising, with the launch of a new tool that takes an omni-channel approach to attribution.
Omniatt is claimed to not only accurately attribute the impact of media activity within a consumer’s online journey to conversion – through Facebook, Twitter, and SEO – it also takes into account the effect of offline advertising such as TV, macro events and even competitors’ advertising.
Marketing Metrix claims that many companies are using overly simplified and often misleading first or last touchpoint attribution models, while others are simply not bothering. Without a handle on ROI, these companies are losing thousands of pounds in ineffective channel spend, the firm insists.
Managing director and founder Bill Portlock maintains that one dilemma which Omniatt can tackle is the ongoing battle between SEO and PPC, especially when each service is provided by separate agencies. Often PPC is attributed for the sale when in fact SEO or a combination of the two is the driving force.
He added: “Clients spend so much time trying to sort out whether it’s PPC or Facebook driving sales, they often ignore the fact a big TV campaign by one of their competitors is in fact driving sales through natural search.”

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