Million names boosts Mortascreen

Deceased suppression file Mortascreen is adding 1 million extra records to its existing file of nearly 9 million records this month, after securing exclusive access rights to deceased data captured from opt-in forms distributed by over 80 per cent of UK Registries.
The Mortascreen file, for which Millennium holds exclusive rights, is compiled from a variety of sources including probate data, funeral directors, consumer registration cards and third party contributors. All records have a unique source indicator, and nearly 80 per cent have death certificate verification.
Data is also added to the file weekly, and is licensed for direct mail suppression purposes. Mortascreen has around 2,500 users including British Gas, The AA, Aviva, Marks and Spencer Financial Services, Prudential and Saga. Up to 50,000 new records are added each month.
Mortascreen commercial director Jo Bell commented: “We’re proud to add 1 million records to the already existing 9 million. With our stringent data quality checks and PAF verification, the Mortascreen file is the most recent and accurate suppression data available and also the largest.”

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