Mobiles ‘more important than sex’

mobile fitThe mobile phone has now become such an important part of people’s lives that 94% of young adults admit they would rather go without sex than live without their handset, according to a study.
More than 2,570 adults across the UK, aged between 18 and 30, took part in the survey by
Some 9% felt so attached that they said they would rather go without their own children than part with their mobile, while 53% admitted they were addicted to their handsets.
All of those questioned owned mobile phones and were in a relationship.
When asked to describe how they felt about their mobile phone, 65% claimed they “couldn’t live without it”. Just 1% said they only needed their handsets occasionally and a further 2% said they could “easily live without it”.
The research also asked the participants what they would rather live without for a week, than give up their mobile phone.
The poll also found that 45% would rather live without ‘basic meals’, while 71% said that they would be willing to ditch their car.
The study follows last week’s report that claimed almost half the UK’s workforce under the age of 35 check their emails while in bed.

What would you rather live without?

1. Sex – 94%
2. TV/Film – 82%
3. Car – 71%
4. My partner – 62%
5. Bed – 55%
6. Money – 47%
7. Basic meals – 45%
8. House – 32%
9. Any other human contact – 23%
10. Own children – 9%

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