Monarch ramps up AR for ski blitz

Monarch DM 2013BMonarch Airlines is transporting customers to a virtual ski slope, with quality graphics and a 360-degree view – complete with falling snow and sound – in a campaign building on its use of augmented reality technology.
The virtual “Monarch Mountain” push, devised WDMP, starts with a teaser email which urges recipients to look out for something in the post. This is followed by a magazine-style mailpack, full of information for the independent skier about Monarch ski routes.
The third phase reaches out to non-responders who are sent a follow-up email encouraging them to book.
WDMP claims the technology does not require consumers to download an AR reader to enter the Monarch Mountain, making it accessible with one click from any tablet, smartphone, laptop or PC. This removes the traditional barriers to AR and significantly opens up the potential audience as a result. In addition, this functionality makes it easy for visitors to share the Monarch Mountain through social media – and their friends will themselves be able to access it with one click.
Navigation around the mountain is made by simply moving and tilting a smartphone or tablet to travel around and access new areas. By touching icons, consumers can visit each of the ski resorts accessible via Monarch’s routes and find out what they need to know to make an informed decision about the best destination for their own ski trip.
Targeted at both ‘bookers’ and ‘lookers’ – last year’s ski bookers but also ‘lookers’ who viewed Ski pages on the Monarch website but did not go on to make a booking, the initiative follows last year’s AR campaign which promoted new ski routes by bringing the slopes to life using mobile image recognition platform Blippar.
Monarch Airlines direct marketing manager Liam Gibson said: “Last year’s campaign used AR to create the ultimate ‘Destination Inspiration’ experience for skiers and in doing so, our best performing direct campaign. This year, we’re pushing the boundaries even further by using the latest technology to put our curious and digitally savvy independent skier right on the ski slope.”
WDMP managing director Craig Wheeler added: “As a relatively new entrant to the ski market, Monarch needs to stand out, be known for something among the ski community but also reach a bigger audience than its own prospect pool through social sharing.
“We believe by combining insight into how independent skiers research their next holiday with the very latest in innovative technology this campaign meets all these requirements and creates a unique experience that is inspiring, exciting and highly shareable.”

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