Moneysupermarket in ad shake-up

moneysupermarket_1000_lightbox3-300x205Price comparison website Moneysupermarket is trying to address the increasing issue around online ads being served but never seen – a consequence of the rise in the automated buying and selling of online ads – by appointing “ad visibility” specialist Meetrics.
The agency will manage and optimise Moneysupermarket’s online display ad campaigns through a realtime dashboard, providing data on whether the ad is visible, how long it is seen for and the number of clicks. This data will be used to optimise campaigns, targeting sites with high ad visibility.
The appointment follows an intense testing phase, that saw a 37% increase in ROI by focusing on sites with high ad visibility.
Using view time, Meetrics will also be able to isolate and exclude unintentional clicks to give the brand a truer picture of ad engagement. The premise being a person must see an ad for a certain length of time in order to intently click on it.
Moneysupermarket’s RTB performance media manager Sammy Austin said: “Ad viewability will become even more important this year at Moneysupermarket and the industry as a whole. Using a best of breed technology was very important. Meetrics is one of the founding providers in the space and was chosen after a thorough review and testing process of all the viewability partners in the market.
Meetrics’ director of international business Anant Joshi added: “The rise of programmatic buying has created a symbiotic increase in ads being served that are never seen. This partnership with Moneysupermarket is an opportunity for us to address this issue proactively in the UK market and for others to learn from it.”
The company is currently in the process of appointing an agency to handle its CRM account.

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