Morrisons loyalty scheme under fire

Morrisons’ new loyalty scheme – set to be unveiled at its half-year results this week – has been slammed even before it has launched, amid claims that the level of rewards is far too low to make it attractive.
The Fuel Saver scheme is not dependent on shopping at Morrisons; instead it operates across 34 major UK retailers including Currys, Homebase, Next, Debenhams and House of Fraser, as well as online via iTunes and Facebook.
Consumers who buy a gift card can claim a 1p off each litre of fuel bought at one of Morrisons 476 UK stores for every £10 spent.
Morrisons’ commercial director Richard Hodgson said: “We know the cost of filling the car is a real worry for our families. If they use gift cards from the Fuel Saver scheme for purchases they can make very large savings.”
And the supermarket says the average return through the scheme is higher than for a standard cashback credit card or a petrol station loyalty scheme.
However, shoppers would have to spend £500 on a card gift card to claim up to 50p a litre off fuel to get a saving of £30 on filling up a 60-litre tank.
But personal finance expert Andrew Hagger is not convinced it will have mass appeal. “The scheme will tempt those who are ultra-organised and prepared to plan ahead to save money at every opportunity, but I’m not sure this will seem that attractive to the majority of people.
“In the past, Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s have offered 5p or 6p off a litre of fuel if you spend £50 or £60 on your supermarket shopping – that’s fine because you’re buying something you would buy anyway and are rewarded instantly,” he added.

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