Nectar begins relaunch blitz to push digital overhaul

Nectar 2Nectar is embarking on its biggest ad campaign since the loyalty scheme was set up in 2002 as part of a major relaunch to show how it has brought digital and mobile technology to the fore.
The campaign is the culmination of a transformational year at Nectar, which has 19 million members. The Aimia-owned business has launched a new app and website and introduced a new personalisation engine to drive rewards.
The centrepiece of the campaign is a series of TV ads narrated by Bill Nighy. Developed by Iris, the campaign celebrates “the individual”, spotlighting the peculiarities, quirks and eccentricities of the people which make up the diverse melting pot of Britain.
The ads attempt to show how Nectar’s understanding of what makes each and every person tick is used to reward customers with things they truly love, supported with the strapline: “Nectar – we’re putting the ‘you’ in ‘thank you’.”
The full length 40” spot will air for the first time today (March 8) across multiple channels, including premium spots on ITV and Channel 4. The ads will also run on YouTube, alongside further promotion on social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Meanwhile, Nectar will be encouraging customers to tell them on social media, and through the Nectar app, what makes them individual, using the #makesmeME hashtag.
Nectar managing director Will Shuckburgh said: “We’ve spent the past year working hard to ensure Nectar reflects the needs and wants of our customers – not just now, but also for the future. We know they want offers and rewards which are relevant to them and mobile is how they’d like to receive them. That’s why we’ve transformed our business. We’re confident that this new campaign demonstrates our mission to individually thank each and every one of our customers.”
Nectar will also be offering its customers a month of offers including 100 Nectar points (50p) for any hot drink at Caffe Nero (usually 350 points) from March 17 to 23, and prizes of between 50 and 2,000 points for every Nectar customer who swipes their card at Homebase from March 10 to 17.
Shuckburgh continued: “Nectar customers now receive great offers like these on a weekly basis. No longer do they have to wait to receive quarterly mailings in the post; they can check out the app to get the offers they want. This has transformed the value that we’re giving customers. We used to send customers ten offers a quarter, now they receive over 100 offers every week.”

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