Pizza Hut launches loyalty scheme for online deliveries

pizza-hutPizza Hut Europe is launching its first UK loyalty programme, Hut Rewards, as it seeks to grab a greater slice of the online food delivery market.
Created in partnership with loyalty specialists Punchh, the scheme was first launched in the US and Canada last year. It is only available with delivery orders placed online or via the Pizza Hut app, which currently make up 80% of total orders.
The programme will enable customers to earn a special reward currency called ‘slices’, with one slice earned for every £10 spent. The rewards are split into three different levels: for five slices customers receive a free side dish, for seven slices they get a free medium pizza and for 10 slices they are rewarded with a free large pizza.
The scheme is being rolled out across more than 400 UK locations from this week, with Pizza Hut’s franchisee partners across Europe to follow.
The launch of the programme marks the latest development in Pizza Hut Europe’s focus on digital, which has included work to enhance its website and online ordering system as well as the creation of a new innovation hub called Pizza Hut Digital Ventures, which has been given an independent remit to optimise the digital experience.
Pizza Hut Europe chief sales and brand officer Stephan Croix said: “The programme is about celebrating our shared love of food and providing a platform for us to say thank you to our loyal customers.
“Crucially, we wanted to develop a programme that resonated with our customers and helped to strengthen the emotional connection they have with the brand. That’s why we tested the concept before the launch, making sure it was easily accessible, simple and generous. We believe the best way to connect with our customers is to listen to them and really understand what they expect from the customer experience.”

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