Red faces at AA as email gaffe triggers hacking panic

The-AA 1The Automobile Association has been forced to reassure customers that their data is safe after accidentally sending out a “password update” email to members, which sparked fears that the company may have been hacked.
The AA has about 8 million customers in total, although the majority belong to its financial services division, which sells car insurance and loans. The organisation also offers driving lessons, motoring advice, road maps and other services.
It is not known how many members received the email, although it has been claimed that the AA’s website crashed as a result, meaning members could not access their profiles, fearing hackers had broken into their accounts and changed their passwords.
The AA took to social media in its attempts to allay concerns: “The email was sent by us, but in error. Your password hasn’t been changed, and your data remains secure. Sorry for any confusion,” it said.
In a statement, the AA said: “To be clear, this was not a hack. It was an internal error and no data has been compromised.”
The AA said that customers will soon receive a further email, from AA president Edmund King, in which it plans to apologise for the issue.
It reads: “We are sorry for any confusion or concern we may have caused you. I would like to reassure you that your password has not been changed and your personal data remains secure. You do not need to do anything further or contact us.”

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