RNLI faces £300,000 hit as door to door is scrapped

rnli-newJust days after seven leading chairites were chastised for allowing their door-to-door fundraising agency to ride roughshod over donors, RNLI has become the first major charity to ditch the discipline altogether.
Last week RNIB, Unicef, Save the Children, Action for Children, Hft, Smile Train and World Animal Protection faced the wrath of the Fundraising Regulator for seemingly putting donations before best practice.
Action for Children, Hft, Smile Train and the Children’s Trust have since put their D2D activity on hold. But RNLI has gone one step further by scrapping its programme, after concluding the activity does not fit with its new opt-in-only regime.
The practice, which has been carried out by in-house teams, will end on January 1 and the charity expects to lose about £300,000 in the first year. The RNLI confirmed its income from door-to-door has been in decline, falling from £408,000 in 2014 to £359,000 last year, however about 20% of fundraising branches did some door-to-door fundraising.
But a spokeswoman told Third Sector magazine: “A call on a householder at their home address represents an uninvited communication, made to someone who, in a large number of cases, will not have been asked if they are prepared to receive an approach from the RNLI. As such, we decided that this activity did not fit with the principle behind the RNLI’s new opt-in approach.”

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