Royal Mail hunts big data experts

royal mail hunts big data expertsRoyal Mail is embarking on a major recruitment blitz for data experts to support its £70m investment in barcode technology, which MarketReach boss Jonathan Harman has described as “Google Analytics for direct mail”.
In a job ad on the Royal Mail Group website, and on LinkedIn, the company said it is investing in new “data capabilities… using data science, data mining, data discovery and data visualisation methods to drive innovation”.
It is aiming to bring in the full range of data management, business intelligence and business analytics skills, citing statistical modelling, data modelling and scripting.
Professionals with knowledge of big data technologies, specifically Hadoop and MapReduce, are also being sought, as are those with master data management (MDM), extract, transform and load (ETL), and traditional data warehousing knowledge.
Royal Mail said: “This additional data will increase the value of mail to businesses by providing them with the ability to track bulk mail consignments through to delivery round. The initiative will enable businesses to improve efficiency, better monitor the success of marketing campaigns and link them with other activities.”
The appointments will not come cheap however, with one recent report claiming experts in Hadoop can demand up to £600 an hour.
The barcode scheme, unveiled in July, will allow business customers to track their campaigns through the postal network to final delivery, and will know when customers’ statements and mailshots will be delivered; previously, this information had only been available through higher cost tracked services.
Each customer will be able to add barcodes to their mail which will give them access to daily online reports detailing which mailings have been processed and sent out for delivery.
At the time it unveiled the scheme, Royal Mail managing director of consumer and network access Stephen Agar said: “The introduction of this new barcode technology to letters will enable businesses to track the progress of bulk mail consignments through the postal network, helping them to improve their own efficiency and customer service.”

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