Scots get more nuisance calls than rest of the UK

ScotPeople in Scotland are far more likely to be bombarded with so-called nuisance calls than those living in the rest of the UK, despite the fact that Scots are also more likely to try to block unwanted callers.
A survey by Which? shows that Scots are significantly worse off when it comes to receiving calls about PPI and accident claims, as well as silent calls.
A total of 29% of Scots said they had received 11 or more nuisance calls in the last month, compared to 17% in the rest of the UK.
When it comes to unsolicited calls about energy deals, home improvement and energy efficiency, four in 10 Scots (38%) say they have received such calls, compared to one in five (18%) elsewhere.
The research shows that, overall, eight in ten people in Scotland say they have received nuisance calls on their landline, yet 60% who received a nuisance call have asked to be removed from the database.
The reason why Scotland receives more nuisance calls is unclear, but a Scottish Government summit will be held in Edinburgh this week to discuss the issue and look at ways to tackle the problem.
Which? director of campaigns and policy Alex Neill said: “Millions of people are still being bombarded with nuisance calls and our latest research tells us that people in Scotland are being targeted far more than the rest of the UK.
“This summit is a major opportunity for businesses, regulators and the Scottish Government to make a difference by jointly committing to take action against this everyday menace.”

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