Sexed-up e-cig ad takes a pounding

Sexed-up e-cig ad takes a poundingE-cigarette brands have been accused of making smoking sexy and glamorous, following last night’s broadcast of the first TV ad in more than 50 years to show someone puffing on a fag.
The ad, from e-cig brand VIP, used the same model as the company’s notorious “blow job” spot, which featured the sultry woman saying: “I want you to get it out, I want to see it, I want to feel it, hold it, put it in my mouth, I want to see how great it tastes.”
Tame by comparison, the new ad took advantage of a relaxation of advertising rules. It aired just after the 9pm watershed during ITV’s flagship drama Granchester but has proved just as contentious as the brand’s previous campaign, sparking a backlash on Twitter and uproar from anti-smoking groups.
On Twitter, one woman wrote: “Think that VIP e-cigarette advert is just wrong in so many ways #VIPCig. “Shouldn’t be allowed it makes addiction look sexy!”, while another stated: “The VIP electric cig advert is absolutely disgusting! It’s so provocative, I’m sat with the parents & so embarrassed right now.”
Meanwhile Lisa Surtees, acting director of North-east anti-smoking agency Fresh, said: “We are concerned that this new advert could make these products appealing to children and teenagers under 18, and also to non-smokers, as it is so sexualised and loaded with innuendo.
“There’s no evidence to suggest that electronic cigarettes are acting as a gateway for young people to smoke – the vast majority of vapers are current or former smokers using them to cut down tobacco or quit, but we have to be vigilant and ensure advertisers don’t try to equate them with attractiveness.”
And, perhaps unsurprisingly, anti-smoking charity Ash was not impressed either. Boss Deborah Arnott said: “Vaping is safer than smoking but it’s not harmless. Ash is concerned that VIP’s ads sexualise and glamorise e-cigarette use and don’t make clear these products are for smokers. If these ads conform to new rules then we’re concerned the rules aren’t fit for purpose.”

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