Skyfall plot comes to life at MoD

Ministry of Defence data blunders have triggered the loss of hundreds of sensitive files on British agents and the armed forces, mirroring the current Bond movie Skyfall plot, in a classic case of life imitating art.
According to a Freedom of Information request made by The Sun newspaper, the MoD has lost 18 USB sticks, nine laptops, ten mobile phones, five discs and 29 documents since 2007.
An MoD spokesman is quoted as saying the department took the safeguarding of sensitive data “very seriously”. However, Big Brother Watch director Nick Pickles slammed the cock-ups, berating the lack of security and insisting that “much more needs to be done”.
In Skyfall, Bond goes on a mission in Turkey to recover a computer hard drive stolen from a murdered MI6 agent that contains details of almost all undercover NATO agents in terrorist organisations.
Figures obtained in the summer show that data security breaches at government organisations have risen by 1,690% over the past five years, while other public-sector breaches have increased by 1,380%.
Meanwhile, attacks on private-sector businesses in the UK have rocketed by more than 1,000%.

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