Social media blitz backs ck one

Calvin Klein is embarking on a global multi-platform campaign – including its biggest social media blitz to date – to relaunch the ck one fragrance brand.
The campaign will include online, mobile, print, outdoor and social media platforms to expand the range from perfume to include jeans and underwear.
The global social media campaign is designed to widen the brand’s appeal to a younger audience as well as existing consumers. Visitors to the dedicated website,, will be able to not only see the products on the screen, but will get information on each individual item as well as finding out about the 30 cast members in the campaign.
Embracing the message further, social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook among others will be employed, allowing online users to upload videos to the site with discussion groups as well being able to answer questions posed by cast members.
Mobile apps have been created for iPhone, Android and Symbian devices and will feature additional content, augmented reality and ensure social media integration.
LED advertisements for the mobile apps will appear on Calvin Klein landmark poster sites in major cities worldwide, while a print campaign in fashion and culture magazines will begin in April.
“The ck one collection is not about wearing clothes the way you’ve been told, it’s about making them your own. We put the pieces in there in all sizes, from XXXL to XS; it’s not about the perfect size — it’s a play on proportion and androgyny,” said Kevin Carrigan, global creative director of Calvin Klein Jeans and ck Calvin Klein.

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