Software Bureau in goneaway deal

karen pritchardData processing and postal sortation software provider The Software Bureau has struck a new deal with Wilmington Millennium to add two suppression files – Smartlink and Smartdepart – to its data processing software Cygnus.
It is claimed the deal gives The Software Bureau the most comprehensive goneaway and reconnect offering available on the market.
Smartlink and Smartdepart form part of Wilmington Millennium’s stable of data cleansing products that enable marketers to remove inappropriate records from their mailing databases. Research shows with 7 million people moving house each year direct mailers could be wasting as much as £336m a year by mailing people so-called goneaways.
Smartdepart and Smartlink are claimed to be the only goneaway and reconnect files compiled using proprietary data from Lexis Nexis. The data is substantiated through a bespoke multi-tiered verification process combining numerous sources of goneaway data. Smartdepart contains 25 million goneaway records spanning ten years. Smartlink, also powered by Lexis Nexis, provides the other side of the coin, locating forwarding addresses for the people that have been flagged as goneaways.
Wilmington Millennium product director Karen Pritchard (pictured) said: “We have a long and proactive relationship with The Software Bureau and are delighted that it has chosen to endorse the Smartdepart and Smartlink files by adding them to its data processing suite.”

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