Summit tackles calls to vulnerable

Summit tackles calls to vulnerableThe Government is holding a London summit to explore ways of protecting vulnerable people from being targeted by nuisance calls after George Osborne pledged a fighting fund of £3.5m to combat what has been described as a “modern day menace”.
Spearheaded by Liberal Democrat MP for Edinburgh West, Mike Crockart the summit will discuss the best way forward to tackle nuisance calls, despite passing new legislation – which comes into force on April 6 – which will make it easier for regulators to fine miscreants.
While the new laws will make the Information Commissioner’s Office job a lot easier in weeding out rogue UK firms, many of the calls are out of its jurisdiction as they come from overseas.
There also has been a growing clamour for more action to protect vulnerable people, with organisations including the Alzheimer’s Society fearful that this group of consumers are being deliberately targeted.
Plans on the table include the development and provision of call blocking technology, fresh research into the issue and a marketing campaign to raise awareness of how to reduce and report nuisance calls.

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