DMA wants more rogue call action

dma wants more rogue call actionTelemarketers could soon be forced to use caller ID for all marketing calls if the DMA gets its way, as part of the industry body’s demands for the new nuisance call clampdown to go even further.
Earlier this week, the Department for Culture, Media & Sport revealed the new regulations will come into force on April 6. They will remove the threshold for complaints over rogue calls to make it easier for the Information Commissioner’s Office to fine miscreants.
But despite welcoming the move, the DMA – which has been spearheading the fight against the so-called nuisance call menace – still has a number of concerns.
As well as demanding legitmate marketers use caller IDs, it wants the Government to ensure the ICO has the resources to carry out the larger amount of enforcement work required to make the legislation a success.
Mike Lordan, director of external affairs at the DMA, told the BBC: “[More can be done] with caller IDs. There also needs to be more effort by telecoms companies and the regulators to try to track down these calls that are being made from overseas.”
In a DMA statement he added: “It’s good news for the telemarketing industry that DCMS is at last changing the legislation to make it easier to fine rogue companies. Lowering the burden of proof will be an important tool in protecting the legitimate telemarketing industry and consumers from the scourge of nuisance calls.”

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