Targetbase in diabetes winter blitz

Diabetes UK has handed its winter appeal campaign to Targetbase Claydon Heeley – which also picked up the organisation’s ‘thank-you’ push this summer – once again after a three-way pitch.
The winter appeal campaign is targeted at the charity’s existing donor base, primarily people affected by Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. To ensure cut through and effectiveness we developed two different creative approaches: one for those donors who it knew were – either directly or indirectly – affected by Type 1; and one for those it knew to be affected by Type 2 diabetes.
The first pack focuses on ‘big plans’ to purchase the equipment needed to support medical researchers to discover new information around Type 1. The second, called ‘we won’t stop’ encourages existing donors affected by Type 2 diabetes to give a little extra to fund their ongoing research programmes – research programmes that will not stop.
Targetbase Claydon Heeley business director Ben Skelsey said: “Diabetes UK is a great charity which is striving to do more to help people with diabetes and those at risk. Diabetes is a constantly growing problem in the UK, with an estimated 2.9 million people who now have the condition, so everything we can do to increase income for vital ongoing research is so important.”
A Diabetes UK spokesman added: “Targetbase are bringing two fresh creative approaches that we believe will resonate with our donor base. It’s important for us to communicate with the right tone but also effectively to our base. So having two creative approaches should ensure we hit the right message for the right audience.”

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