TikTok jumps in bed with creators for native Spark Ads

costa_coffee2TikTok is rolling out its Spark Ads format, which enables brands to piggyback organic videos from the platform’s creators that fit their campaigns.

Described as bridging the gap between the hard sell and native content, Spark Ads work by boosting organic videos as TopView or In-Feed Ads to a targeted audience, from the brand’s own content or a collaborating creator.

When a Spark Ad plays, users can follow the creator directly by tapping the “+” button or swipe left to view their profile. A call to action button drives users to an external landing page to explore more.

The social media giant claims the advertising format “speaks to the nature of starting conversations and igniting interactions between brands, creators and the community”.

Brands can now tap into the plethora of creative, diverse content and connect with the creators who help bring these products and services to life.

One of the first brands to test the scheme was coffee brand Costa. In partnership with agency AnalogFolk, the company created a suite of 14 non-interruptive ads based on some of TikTok’s key subcultures like fitness, animals, singing and luxury.

This, it is claimed, meant its messaging appeared bespoke to the individual, with creative that tied to TikTok’s cut-out filter and felt native to the platform.

The campaign drove over 42 million impressions at just a £1.39 CPM. That translated into a 159% increase in followers, or 18,000 new fans.

Costa Coffee senior social media and digital marketing manager Adam Deal said: “We love this fun, clever, unique way to seamlessly blend into and enhance consumers’ dynamic lifestyles, staying one step ahead of their needs. It delivers the message that no matter who you are and what you’re into, there’s a Costa Coffee for you among our huge choice of products and services.”

TikTok added: “With Spark Ads, brands can build long-lasting connections that are authentic and rooted in community while also delivering sustainable and impactful business value.”

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