Top loyalty schemes sign up for payment card app

avios 2Avios, Virgin Atlantic and HMV are among the first major retailers to join a new app-based system which allows consumers to link their loyalty card with their bank payment card, and automatically accrue points.
Launching to consumers later this year, the Bink app is the brain child of co-founders Lee Clarke and Greg Gormley, who set up the business in 2014. Former Tesco marketing chief Matt Atkinson sits on the board of the company.
The app enables high street retailers to reward and directly engage their customers automatically in store, through the simple act of them paying with a linked payment card.
All payment cards are accepted; credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards and even mobile wallets, meaning consumers will no longer have to present both cards at the checkout.
Bink insists more retail partners will be announced over the coming months.
The company claims the app makes it easier for retailers and brands to engage with their customers on a deeper and more personal level, by understanding their individual spending habits.
Retailers and membership programmes will also be able to identify and encourage new customers to join their loyalty schemes as Bink identifies customer spend and highlights additional programmes relevant to their shopping habits but are not already members.
Commenting on its involvement, Avios director of digital innovation Paul Miller said: “Without asking our customers to make any changes to how and where they spend their money, using Bink will make it possible for them to gather the points they might otherwise miss out on and be able to enjoy their rewards faster.”
Bink chief executive Lee Clarke added: “Bink bridges the gap between retailers and consumers. For too long there’s been a lack of understanding between the two, which is where the friction lies.
“Bink offers a simple solution by making it possible for partner retailers to ID all shoppers and then engage them with highly relevant and bespoke offers – subsequently increasing customer visits and transactions, while importantly, adding value to the shopper’s experience.”
Last year, Aimia, the firm behind the Nectar programme, launched trials of a new mobile app which allows users to keep all of their loyalty cards – including Nectar rivals such as Tesco Clubcard and Boots Advantage card – on their smartphone. Microsoft followed suit with a similar scheme four months later.

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