UK door-drop market rises again

telegraphdoormatThe UK door-drop industry has followed its European counterparts by reporting a return to year-on-year growth in both expenditure and volumes, as more and more brand owners embrace the medium for the first time.
According to the DMA’s 19th Annual Door Drop Industry Report 2013, UK volumes grew 3.5% from 6.9 billion in 2011 to 7.2 billion in 2012, while spend increased 3.9%, rising by £10m to be worth £266m in 2012. This is the first year-on-year growth reported by the UK sector since 2010.
Last month, the European Letterbox Marketing Association showed the pan-European market had witnessed a 4.3% rise in value to €3.9bn. The top line figures showed the likes of Poland, Finland and Croatia all saw volume increases of over 100 million, with Germany leading the way with an increase of 600 million.
Mark Young, chief executive of The Leaflet Company, and chair of the DMA Door Drop Committee, said the return of growth in the UK is attributable to a number of factors.
He said: “While some larger users of the medium have reduced volumes the overall growth has come from new and lapsed users coming into the channel and realising its potential.
“As a result of this and the continuing decline of coverage with free newspapers the price point has increased slightly with alternative methods of coverage, the major benefactors being the Royal Mail.
“Practitioners continue to provide ever increasing sophistication in targeting and tracking methodology which increases the confidence and accountability of those using the medium.”
In other findings, the report highlights the progress of the sustainable development of the door drop industry.
While annual volumes have shown their first yearly increase in two years, the report’s authors cite improved household targeting techniques being behind the 40% drop in 2012 volumes compared to their peak in the past decade in 2005.
Last year, households received five door drops per week compared to nine in 2005. The industry’s commitment to waste reduction has also seen the average weight of a door drop piece decrease by 17% from 19g in 2005 to 16g in 2012.

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