Viewers rewarded for watching ads

Consumers can now collect Nectar points simply by watching video ads following the launch of an ad-based loyalty platform which has one of the masterminds of the Tesco Clubcard – Terry Hunt – on its management team.
Adpoints, which has been undergoing beta testing for the past three months, officially launches this week. The trials of 6,500 Nectar members generated more than 860,000 views – an average of 61 views per month per member.
Designed to boost consumers’ engagement with video advertising, the scheme will also give brands a greater understanding of how their ads directly affect sales.
Under the scheme, Nectar members will be able to collect hundreds of Nectar points every week by watching and interacting with ads of their choice. Collectors only have to register using their existing Nectar account – or by setting up an account on – to start viewing ads and collecting points.
They can then collect additional points by answering simple questions about the ad they have viewed, and even more if they click through to the brand’s website.
Ads can be served based on demographic information, or selected by members from a scrolling carousel on the site. By using Adpoints’ proprietary technology, members will be required to signal their attention and rate each video ad that they watch.
Advertisers can track other key metrics including ad recall, brand awareness, sentiment and purchase intention. Adpoints clients will receive metrics including views, demographic profiles of responses to questions asked after consumers have viewed an ad, click-throughs to the brand’s site and other activity on the Adpoints website. Members will also be able to opt in to receive more information from brands.
Initially, it will launch on an invitation only basis to Nectar cardholders and then scale up further throughout 2013.
With Hunt (pictured) on board as a non-executive director, the management team also includes a number of high profile former DLG chiefs. Co-founder and former board member Jason Froggett is chief executive, ex-group data director Sue Nelson is chief operating officer, and former communications director Richard Webster is operations director. The line-up is completed by chief information officer Jonathan Dunham, previously managing director of Kingdom Management Group.
Froggett said: “Our mission is to make advertising a more enjoyable and rewarding experience for viewers. Adpoints rewards consumers for their time and attention with points from well-known loyalty schemes. Advertisers are delivered strong viewer engagement enabling them to reach, qualify and convert large-scale target audiences.”
Hunt added: “This is the first time people in the UK have been directly rewarded for watching video ads, and we hope it will revolutionise the way people consume advertising, promoting engagement and enabling advertisers to have a dialogue with customers. For brands, this means invaluable insight into what people think of their ads and the viewer behaviour that is triggered by watching an ad.”

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