Virgin Media hits back at BT over broadband ‘bullshit’

BT Virgin spatVirgin Media has launched a swift response to BT’s latest regional ad campaign, which slams Virgin’s “unreliable” services, by countering that its rival’s claims are “bullshit”.

BT’s posters state: “Bristol. Don’t settle for Virgin. Get Ultrafast Full Fibre with more reliable speeds than Virgin M200 and M350.”

In response, Virgin Media has launched the #BornFast campaign, created by Rapp UK, which will see mobile billboards placed in front of the BT posters in locations across the city, in an effort to debunk its rival’s claims.

The posters state: “B*** ***T. Our fastest average speed in Bristol is 516Mbps. That’s loads faster than BT. Enough said.” Virgin Media insists its network covers almost 300,000 premises in Bristol and is significantly faster than BT’s Ultrafast Fibre 250.

Quite why the firm did not spell out “bullshit” is anyone’s guess. Maybe it should have used the term “bollocks” instead. After all, back in 1977, a court threw out a legal challenge that the now notorious Sex Pistols’ “Never Mind the Bollocks” album – released by Virgin Records – breached the 1899 Indecent Advertisements Act.

Virgin Media brand and marketing director Cilesta Van Doorn said: “BT’s broadband bunkum just couldn’t go unchecked. Residents of Bristol won’t be fooled by BT’s babble and we look forward to welcoming anyone who wants to experience life in the fast lane with our superior ultrafast speeds.

“With a reliable future-proof network that is bringing gigabit speeds to Bristol and more of the UK, Virgin Media is, as always, leading the charge – catch us if you can.”

Rapp UK chief creative chief Al Mackie added: “Virgin Media, like the other great Virgin brands, is about disrupting the market and making it better for consumers. So who better to stand up and call out the misleading tactics of the other broadband providers?”

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