Vodafone Pet Tracker to disclose who let the dogs out

Curve-Pet-TrackerVodafone is aiming to tap into the huge increase in pet ownership sparked by the Covid-19 pandemic by evolving its Curve GPS range with the launch of the Pet Tracker pack, enabling owners to keep tabs on their animals wherever they are.

The original Curve was launched last year as a multi-purpose GPS tracking device that allows users to track their valuables, such as keys and laptops.

Offering local tracking via Bluetooth, the device can connect to the Internet and send updates to users’ smartphones, even when miles away.

With the new Pet Tracker, owners can now securely attach the Curve to their pet’s collar or harness and continue to track them in real-time from the Vodafone Smart App.

It comes with the two new features – Pet Walks, which logs past walks and their distances, and Pet Profile, which stores information such as breed and characteristics at no extra cost as part of the enhanced pet tracking solution.

They can also add the Pet Tracker clip to ensure a secure fit. Designed for the most adventurous pets, it is claimed the device is durable, compact and waterproof rated-IP67. The Curve tracker combines GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular technology and is connected to the Vodafone IoT network using the built-in Smart SIM enabling pets to be tracked from a distance.

The Curve tracker enables users to set zones, such as “park” or “home” through the Vodafone Smart App and receive a notification if their pet enters or leaves these, for added reassurance.

Using the Vodafone Smart App owners can also share access to their pets’ location with other family members and dog walkers for added reassurance.

Curve Pet Tracker pack has been designed for pets by pet owners and built on Vodafone’s scalable IoT platform. With a single app and consistent design language, it is claimed the global platform enables products, experiences, and services to be built once and deployed across markets and categories, ultimately making this seamless for the customer.

Vodafone Smart Tech global managing director Lutfu Kitapci said: “With pet ownership growing and our customer insights showing that people want to stay connected to what matters most more than ever, Curve Pet Tracker pack has been developed to give pet owners that all-important feeling of reassurance wherever they are.

“Built for ease of use, intuitively designed, and connected through Vodafone’s global network we’ve developed an enhanced experience based on our customer insight for one of the most popular ways to use Curve today – to keep track of our pets.”

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