Alfa Romeo MiTo Turismo Sport Special Edition

Well, here we bloody well are then, in the throes of Charlie McKelvey’s latest technological revolution where the world of junk, DM or ‘accurately-targeted-highly-relevant-consumer-communications’ is dissected, splayed and anatomised on a shiny, virtual steel table in a whole new digital playground.
And what better campaign to slide into our Grissom-like, CSI-grasp than this fabulous, new one from EMO for the equally fabulous, new Alfa Romeo MiTo Turismo Sport Special Edition? (Memo to self: shorter sentences for this lot, they’re barely sentient)
And what does it do? It shows you the fabulous new Alfa Romeo MiTo Turismo Sport Special Edition in three dimensions, thanks to some wonderful 3D glasses enclosed with the mailing.
One might wonder (were one the weenisest bit cynical) if the client and agency haven’t jumped rather precipitately onto the rickety Avatar/Toy Story 3 bandwagon. After all, it’s not as if we are without the opportunity to look at cars in the traditional three dimensions on a daily basis, but heck, let’s let that slide and assume (see para 1) that this mailing and its accompanying online presence is so accurately targeted that it will only reach Alfa fans. In which case it a very good idea indeed.
Personally, there’s one slight problem – I’ve never had a driving licence and I don’t like cars very much so it doesn’t do a great deal for me. I did go to the website which was extremely cool and utterly incomprehensible, but then again that’s probably because of the no-car, no-interest thing.
So. There is a valid point lurking here within the auto-agnostic rambling.
If you are going to innovate (and the central concept is innovative), if you are going to bring to bear some pretty classy art-direction, graphic design and beautiful technology-porn photography, if you are going to write intelligent, ‘hip’ copy and wrap it all up in a media-neutral, unisexy campaign – then make sure you’ve spent an equivalent amount of time, money and energy making sure it goes to the right person.
Because I bet those Alfa fans absolutely lap this stuff up and it is so executionally strong with its 3D surprise that I’m sure it will convert a few Golf and BMW types too.
Oh! And the unifying copyline here is “Inject some excitement into your life” so I’m off to jack up a speedball of cocaine and heroin. Ta ta! X

Jonathan Spooner is creative partner at Tangible

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