Fujitsu ServerFix mailing by DirectionGroup

At first glance this simply looks like a box containing a model car and immediate questions begin, such as why has this been sent to me? On closer inspection, it would seem not only is this mailer of a model car in a hundred pieces, but there are no instructions included.
So you read the box from cover to cover and discover this is completely the point. The mailer, devised by DirectionGroup, is simply demonstrating the complexities of computer servers and ultimately promoting a new service offered by Fujitsu.
I certainly admire the agency taking such a creative approach in what would seem such a dry B2B service; many would have simply put forward another bland paper-based mailer. This approach to bringing to life such an abstract service not only demonstrates insight and understanding of a customer’s needs and challenges, but does so in an entertaining and tangible way.
It is great to see a business-to-business mailer which is original, interactive in concept and executed beautifully, which can achieve cut-through. The level of detail of the mailer pack is impressive and also promises a one-to-one personal consultation, an important detail which makes the mailer more memorable and engaging.
This pack appeals to people who enjoy a challenge. It’s intriguing because it taps into that latent desire to pick up the car and keep trying to construct it until it has been completed. What better way to combine increased brand awareness and engagement with audiences?

Tony O’Brien is creative director of Pulse Group

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