Time to expose the sex pests of the marketing industry

busty idol“Sexminstergate”, hey, who would have thought it? Well, just about everyone. The real question on the lips of the people who work in this industry should be: who are the sex pests of the agency and marketing world? Somehow I don’t think “answers on a postcard” quite fits the bill. Answers on a ream of A4 paper more like.
Us girls have had to put up with it for years, I can’t wait for payback time. But given that it once ran an in-depth investigation under the shocking headline: “Ad men who man spread”, Campaign has been surprisingly quiet as a mouse on the issue.
In fact, if it hadn’t been for Cindy Gallop, they would have let M&C Saatchi’s Justin “I hope I have done enough grovelling by now to save my job” Tindall off scot-free over his “bored of diversity” diatribe.
Over at The Drum they seem more concerned about dishing out awards. Not that we should be too surprised with that. After all, this is the magazine which took on WACL and lost very, very badly. (By the way, did you know that of its recent Top 100 Independent Agencies, apparently 81 just happened to be Drum Network members? Just saying.)
Meanwhile, over at Marketing Week, they have already launched “The Christmas Blog 2017”. Yep, that is apparently far more important. OK, I admit, I do love a bit of Christmas, but, really?
Luckily, there are still plenty of men out there who do know how to treat a girl properly, none more so than my very own fanbase of Dropshadow Dickie, The Man with the Golden Tongue, Rogering Rog, Maurading Mike and Calamity Clive.
I can confirm that this “fivesome” have never laid a hand on me that was not wanted, or desired. So dear sisters, please don’t lose heart, not all the fellas who work in the marketing world are sleazy pervs, there are decent blokes out there. And some of them are pretty loaded, too, which always helps…

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