5.2m mailings to dead this Xmas

graveyard-vignetteMore than 5.2 million pieces of direct mail will be sent to the deceased in December, according to Mortascreen supplier Millennium, which warns triggers a triple whammy of damage to brands, the environment and the direct marketing industry.
The festive period typically sees a huge uplift in mailing campaigns as substantial budgets are committed by brands competing for seasonal business.
Millennium warns direct mail which is addressed to deceased individuals can have a detrimental impact on a brand’s reputation, causing enormous upset and distress to friends and family left behind.
Christmas can be a particularly sensitive time of year for people who have suffered a bereavement, and receiving a piece of direct mail for a deceased loved one comes as an unwelcome reminder.
Jo Bell, commercial director, Mortascreen said: “It’s absolutely vital that marketers regularly screen customer databases for deceased individuals, especially if mailing lists are used infrequently.
“We spend a lot of time working with brands to help introduce and apply best practice procedures for data hygiene. With marketing budgets constantly under scrutiny, it is essential that marketers apply regular suppression techniques which help to ensure accurate targeting and demonstrate a strong ROI. Brands need to make sure all consumers want for Christmas is them.”

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