Ad industry body reiterates immigration controls threat

marketingThe Advertising Association has reiterated its warning that the marketing industry will be hit hard by restricting immigration from the EU post-Brexit, on the back of a new Government report which shows the proposed clampdown is “very likely” to lead to lower growth in total jobs and in the output of the UK economy.
The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) interim report, which was commissioned by Home Secretary Amber Rudd, provides strong evidence that many employers greatly fear new post-Brexit restrictions to recruit EU migrants, saying it will “make a hard job harder”.
MAC chair Professor Alan Manning, said nothing in the interim report should be used to pre-judge the committee’s conclusions and added: “Some think a greater sense of urgency is needed, that action is needed now. We do understand the importance of migration policy, but coming to the right, rather than a rushed conclusion is what matters. Our work is for a system coming into force in 2021.”
However, the Advertising Association said in a statement: “We need to do everything we can to make sure the UK remains open and welcoming to the world’s best advertising professionals, alongside nurturing and developing home-grown talent. We know that international talent attracts international business to the UK, creating more jobs for the domestic workforce.”
The industry goes on to cite official figures which show that every pound spent on advertising returns six pounds to GDP – more than £120bn a year in total.
It adds: “The industry supports 1 million jobs, we export £5.8bn of advertising services globally and we are actively growing the uptake of advertising services among SMEs across the UK to further support growth.
“All of this depends on having access to the best skills in advertising. Our recent report demonstrated our country’s strength in both importing and exporting advertising talent. Maintaining the UK as an attractive location to develop your advertising career is vital to sustain and grow our position as the world’s leading advertising hub.”

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