BHF relaunches donation sites with WPN overhaul

bhf_allBritish Heart Foundation, has relaunched two of its top fundraising sites – Gift of Hope and Give in Celebration – to boost the user experience for the charity’s supporters.
BHF, the largest independent funder of cardiovascular research, briefed WPN Chameleon UX and UI specialist Addition to devise the new look sites, to put donors at the heart of the new user interfaces.
Gift of Hope is a tribute platform, where people make donations in-memory of loved ones, while Give in Celebration allows donors to give money instead of physical gifts for special days, like birthdays, weddings or anniversaries.
Following the revamp, it is claimed that pages can now be set up in four simple steps, making donations to a tribute or celebration page quick and easy, with both card and PayPal options.
The agency came up with smart ways to migrate user accounts, logins and content from previous versions of the sites behind the scenes, making the transition seamless for existing supporters and donors.
BHF legacy marketing manager Holly Patton said: “Our supporters are so important to our life-saving research that we wanted to make sure their experience in using these digital experiences was sector-leading. We think the relaunched products set the bar in how to handle in-mem and in-celebration digital destinations.”
The new designs each have their own specific feel – particularly important due to the delicate nature of Gift of Hope – and the so-called “product personalities” are balanced with BHF’s brand.
To save BHF admin staff time and effort, a single management interface to handle both in-memory and in-celebration funds and pages was considered from the start and developed into the design and build process.
Transactional functions use third party accounts, not bespoke arrangements, while payments are made via Stripe and emails are handled through DotMailer.
Addition creative director Stewart Sear said: “We have extensive experience in branded charity destinations, but it’s always a welcome design challenge to make each one stand apart. We developed a number of routes, and collaborated closely with the BHF team to hone them to the final designs.”
Addition head of product development and lead architect on the project Louise Ryan added: “Creating a custom product and supporter experience doesn’t rule out using standard services where it makes sense to save time, money and provide a great ready-made UX. Stripe is a fantastic example of a plug-in tech that is making payments simpler and easier to implement, so you can get to market quicker.”

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