BT call staff dial up loadsamoney

BT call staff dial up loadsamoneyWorking in a call centre is often seen as a prison sentence, but thousands of BT workers have just been handed a “get out of jail free” card by landing lucrative windfalls worth almost £50,000 each.
A company share scheme, which let workers put in a monthly sum of between £5 and £225, has just matured, letting staff buy BT shares for the knockdown price of just 61p. BT shares were last night worth 381.8p, down 6.7p.
Almost 23,000 employees have cashed in the scheme and bought shares, gaining an instant profit worth an average of £41,674 each. In total, the scheme was worth £1.1bn.
Those who saved the maximum £225 a month would have been able to buy shares worth £90,000 for just over £14,000.
While 7,000 staff saved the maximum amount, some 60% of those in the scheme work at ‘team level’ jobs, such as engineers or in call centres.
Chief executive Gavin Patterson said: “I’m delighted that so many BT people are sharing in the company’s success through our saveshare plan.”

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