CAF boosts #givingtuesday with first TV ad by WPNC

giving-tuesdayThe Charities Aid Foundation is launching its first ever TV campaign to raise awareness of its annual day of charity giving, dubbed #givingtuesday, in an effort to improve on last year’s already impressive performance which saw UK consumers donate over £6,000 per minute on the day itself.
The campaign, devised by WPN Chameleon (WPNC), will run from Sunday through to Tuesday, and is composed entirely of user generated mobile phone clips where ordinary people show how they will be supporting a charity on #givingtuesday.
In its third year in the UK, the initiative has gone from strength to strength since it was introduced from the US in 2014.
The team at WPNC donated their time to make the spot for free, while media house Mi as wel as Sky and BT Sport donated airtime so the ad will be shown in over 100 spots from this Sunday until the end of #givingtuesday on the 29th.
Actor Martin Clunes has recorded the voiceover and Guy Farley and his team provided the original music. Eagle-eyed viewers may just spot a “blink and you’ll miss me” moment at the beginning of the ad, featuring WPNC creative chief Chris Martin (pictured). Fundraising director Gail Cookson also makes an appearance.
Campaign Lead for Giving Tuesday at CAF Kim Roberts said: “Just like Black Friday, #givingtuesday has now established itself as a regular feature in the festive calendar in the UK. This year the extra TV advertising exposure will bring the movement to the attention of millions of people, who can then support the causes they love on.”
WPNC director of TV and film Maria Philips added: “We wanted to go all out this year to support the cause and get the whole agency involved. It was a unique creative challenge because we had to make an ad for a concept – the idea of giving – rather than a single client. The end thought that drove the creative was whatever you want to give, whoever you want to give it to, do it on #givingtuesday.”

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