Médecins Sans Frontières exposes Jordanian plight

msf-drtv-adMédecins Sans Frontières is launching a DRTV campaign, devised by WPN Chameleon, which features one of the charity’s own medical professionals, sharing her experience on the ground in Jordan.
The initiative aims to build the picture of the awful injuries doctors work day and night to treat, and help to rebuild lives.
Dr Caroline Bwango volunteered in Zaatari, Jordan, from July 2015 to March 2016 at a 40-bed surgical rehabilitation unit where she saw first-hand the humanitarian consequences of the war in Syria.
‘Jordan’ differs from other MSF adverts as it uses a tangible emergency surgical kit to aid the ask. Donations from the ad could help buy surgical equipment to be used by the doctors, contents of which can be seen in the ad.
Donations raised will provide kits and other essential items allow treatment of both people injured by the war and also civilian day-to-day medical issues.
The ad is the second in a year to use the real front-line experiences of MSF doctors. MSF’s previous DRTV ad – ‘Natalie’s Voice’ – was the first-hand account of Dr Natalie Roberts. It used her audio diaries compiled in real time while she was working in Yemen to allow MSF to bear witness to the unfolding humanitarian crisis, which was outside of the media spotlight at the time.
‘Jordan’ is a 60” ad, with two versions – one suggesting a £5 PSMS donation and the other encouraging supporters to go online to give £5. The ad is due to run throughout November.

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