Channel rise sparks dirtier data

Channel rise sparks dirtier dataThe proliferation of marketing channels might be helping marketers reach a wider audience but they are having a negative effect on the quality of data being collected for future activity, a new study claims.
Experian Data Quality’s Global Research report says while 99% of respondents have a strategy in place designed to maintain data quality, there has been a 5% rise in the inaccuracy of contact data gathered (up to 22% from 17% in 2013).
A closer inspection shows that 54% of those respondents are using manual entry sources, such as call centres, to collect contact information. Interestingly, call centres are not only one of the most popular ways to collect information on a customer (54%) but is also described by 52% as the “dirtiest”.
And it estimates that 75% of UK organisations are losing potential revenue as a result of poor quality contact data, wasting both time and resources totalling nearly £200m.
Joel Curry, managing director of Experian Data Quality (formerly Experian QAS), said: “The need for measured data quality controls is not diminishing, and, if anything it is becoming increasingly imperative. More and more channels are becoming available for organisations to communicate with their customers and being able to link these interactions together sits at the heart of delivering a quality customer experience.
“Defining a data quality strategy is not a tick box exercise; improvement initiatives need processes and technology, that are enabled across the organisation, to ensure revenue streams and customer satisfactions are not adversely affected.”
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