Clubcard data to combat obesity

tesco-building-700x45_660Tesco is joining the fight against obesity by using Clubcard data to launch a new flab-busting programme which will target customers with advice on how to eat more healthily.
Tesco boss Philip Clarke has said supermarket giant wants to play its part in battling the growing epidemic and is planning to tap into the 16 million-strong Clubcard database to do so.
It is thought Tesco has resisted previous attempts by the Government to use the data but is now pressing ahead with its own initiative.
The supermarket group has yet to decide how it will use the information, but options include offering vouchers for healthier products and promoting a better diet through suggested recipes, according to reports.
Clarke said: “The information provided by Clubcard is invaluable. Our customers have told us they’d like help in choosing healthy options, so on an individual level, we want to see whether customers would welcome tailored suggestions for how they could shop more healthily.’
Clarke said customers would need to opt in, rather than being bombarded by unwanted suggestions from the supermarket. “We won’t encourage healthier lifestyles by editing choices, but we can influence choice by making healthier options,” he added.
The supermarket has already built an online tool – dubbed the “healthy little differences tracker” – which will measure how customers’ habits change as a result of the healthy eating drive.
A source at the supermarket said it had drafted in behavioural psychologists to come up with “nudge tactics” to coax shoppers into the fruit and vegetable aisle.
The plan is part of the supermarket’s Tesco and Society campaign, a broader effort to show that the supermarket is contributing to British life.
It has already met one of its targets by reducing the number of calories sold in its own-brand soft drinks last year by one billion.

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