Consumers say they would exchange data to stop ads

digital_2Consumers are so fed up with intrusive online ads following them round the Internet that nine in ten (91%) would willingly sharing their data with companies if they were assured the bombardment would stop.

That is according to a new study for retail agency Outform, carried out by Proof Research & Strategy, which quizzed 2,000 people across the UK, US, Germany and the Netherlands.

In fact, seven in ten (71%) shoppers even blame ‘spammy’ marketing as a key reason they do not connect with brands via their mobile devices in-store, although six in ten (58%) are also more than happy to share their data if they can easily opt out or unsubscribe.

Outform cites this advertising onslaught as the key reason why just two in ten (22%) people actually use brands’ apps in physical shops, insisting it is a strong indicator that the current model of store-to-screen engagement is not working.

Those who do use apps in-store are reaping the benefits, though, apparently. Three quarters (74%) use them to access loyalty schemes, and more than half (54%) of those who use apps are happy to share data if they receive access to better pricing, discounts and exclusive offers in return.

Outform group managing director EMEA Simon Hathaway said: “We’ve seen in-store tech like the QR code gain popularity under the pandemic, and while this is a sign of the public warming to an in-store mobile experience, there’s clearly some way to go.

“There is a win-win scenario, in the form of a digital handshake: where retailers and brands use tech to connect a shopper’s data to their owned apps and platforms in a secure, friendly way.

“There’s clearly a hunger for utility when it delivers convenience and value, and uptake would be high if the bombardment of irrelevant ads and marketing (even if it is just perceived) could be avoided.”

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