Crisis? What crisis? Charity giving up £600m to £10bn

charity probe 4The charity sector appears to have shaken off its fundraising problems, with the latest official figures showing that organisations raised £10.3bn in donations during 2017, an increase of over £600m from the previous year.
In a year which saw the Information Commissioner’s Office dish out fines to 13 charities, including Cancer Research UK, NSPCC, Oxfam, and the Royal British Legion for abusing data laws, the Charities Aid Foundation’s UK Giving Report 2018 shows fundraising remained strong. And, despite a slight fall in the number of people giving to charity, those who did donate, gave more and the sector is also increasing attracting younger donors.
The report, compiled from data taken from surveys of over 12,000 people conducted by YouGov during 2017, found that 60% of respondents said they had donated to charity at some point during 2017, compared to 61% of respondents the previous year. The number of people sponsoring someone for charity also fell from 37% to 35% in 2017.
The report added that older people continue to give the most to charity but also found that those in the 16- to 24-year-old age bracket giving more money to charity than those aged between 25 and 34 for the first time.
CAF said that overall trust in charities remained stable in 2017, with 51% of respondents still believing most charities to be trustworthy. Respondents aged 16-24 were the most trusting of charity, with 57% of total respondents saying charities were trustworthy. Slightly less than half of both the 45-64 and 65+ age groups responded in the same way.
CAF chief executive John Low said: “Although total donations are slightly up, the number of people giving has fallen. It’s far too soon to tell if that represents a trend, but we need to be careful if giving becomes concentrated in fewer, larger donations.
“Crucially, we note that trust in charities remains stable. While we in charities must always strive for the best and never be complacent about the high standards expected of us, the enduring trust people have in our country’s voluntary sector should be a source of pride, and something precious we need to protect.”

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